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Dear Hayley

This is the report on the gym box. I will just touch on the few areas which I reckon are very in important and basically just another day on wellness at LIV VILLAGE.

The introduction of the GYM IN A BOX to LIV VILLAGE was impeccable. The entire LIV community has been inspired and are more focused on their wellness and positive lifestyle.

LIV VILLAGE focuses on raising wholesome children who are well rounded and ready for whatever challenges they might face in their futures.

The GYM IN A BOX has been a uniquely great addition to that process in numerous ways – looking at emotional fitness, mental fitness and physical strength. Relationships between mothers and kids have also been influenced positively. Families and household clusters have started exercising together, which has assisted in building relationships amongst mothers and children. Now we see kids taking the initiative to exercise before school and late after school.

At LIV we also have a gap year program for students from all over the world. The program is called Liv4change. This year we have 29 students who are part of the program and many of them have also benefited from the use of the GYM IN A BOX. This is what one of them had to say. “Having the GYM BOX at LIV has been a great addition to our program, the gym not only serves the children, but it has really helped us as the gap year students and other staff members to train and improve physically. I have also used the GYM IN A BOX for the rehabilitation of previous injuries. It is frequently used and the equipment that is available is all that you need”

At the school, our extra mural activities also include fitness sessions on the GYM IN A BOX. More than 60 students from age 10 – 18 years old have regular fitness sessions facilitated by Menzi Ngidi. We run sessions according to age, we teach and demonstrate everything to the scholars, the do’s and don’ts and also answer the why it is done. Our athletes have massively improved mentally and physically.

We have LIV school educators whom have taken this opportunity very seriously having sessions 3x weekly, one of them being the highlight losing 10kg since January from 139 to 128kg and again for the kids to witness this was a great thing an inspiration to the teenagers and mothers.

Equipment usage at this point focuses more on body weight and I like the fact that it is free weights. Kettlebells, suspension bands, powerbands, weighted balls, the rope harness for pulling tyres, boxing bags. We get through most equipment available exposing students to different apparatus. Things like suspension bands would love more of them since it allows us to teach body weight basic core foundation exercises on different levels and the rig provides the space for several bands in action at the same time.

All in all, we are very excited and privileged to have the GYM IN A BOX here at LIV VILLAGE, Thank You Hayley Cassim for your vision to see many GYM BOXES around communities such as LIV Village. We trust that this is the first of many BOXES around our community.

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